My Ad Story

Admin/Owner Introduction:

Mahmoud Cherif
  • Facebook Profile:
  • Based in Canada
  • Has a graphics and IT company.
  • Has a background in Network Marketing.
  • Not camera shy – Has intro video (Proof of profile being NOT Fake)


Why You Should Consider Joining ‘My Ad Story’

  • Offers adpacks of $1 to $50 (with maturity upto 15o%), giving stability to the company and motivation for the members.
  • 3 level of affiliate commission.
  • Earning capping of 1-6% (Depending upon the adpacks, for long term Sustainability and Growth).
  • Upto 50% repurchase rule to sustain the long term viability.

Program Highlights:

  • MAS MIXER – Every single day everyone in the system will be randomly rotated and will be placed under someone else. You will earn 5% of all purchases made by the person placed below you. Whatever that person buys for that day, you earn. Your getting paid for referrals you don’t even have!

If you think the above information has helped you in making an informed decision, please consider joining the program from my referral link below.