Sticky: Revenue Sharing Overview

There are a lot of different ways to earn money online, but revenue sharing sites are very easy to use and offer multiple ways to earn money. Unlike some other online options, participating in revenue sharing requires no technical expertise. All you need to do is set up an account.

Basically, revenue sharing sites are sites that offer advertising packages with a share in the profits from the sale. When you buy an adpack, your ads display on the site and you also earn a profit based on the site’s terms and conditions.

Please NOTE the TOS of Revenue sharing sites clearly states:

Revenue sharing sites are not investment companies. There are no guarantees that you will earn.

Revenue sharing sites also offer you a way to get the word out about your own website or business, which you can do with the advertising credits you get while buying adpacks. The ads that you click on to get your share of the daily revenue, as well as the flat-payment ads described above, all come from other people who are members of the site.

All you were supposed to do is buy your ‘adpacks’ and view 10-15 sites everyday and you will be getting a share in the company’s profit on an hourly basic (according to the number of adpacks you own) and these adpacks expires at a predetermined profit percentage; so if an adpack costs you $100 with an expiration of 110%, so on an hourly basis you will be getting back a portion of your ‘Principle’ amount + a portion of your ‘Profit’ and when the total payout reaches $110 (i.e. $100 of your principal + $10 of your 10% profit) the adpack expires.

The highlight of these revenue sharing sites are you can repurchase the ‘adpacks’ with the hourly generated income (principle + profit), thus creating a compound earnings effect, which just take your earning on top. Every site offers different adpacks and different percentage of earnings.

In order for your to withdraw a certain amount of money on a daily basis as profits; you need to make sure that you always have a certain number of “Active” adpacks in your account. This active adpack number depends upon site to site as per their percentage sharing and your target daily profit withdrawal amount. So in order for you to withdraw a certain amount of profit everyday (and at the same time maintain your active adpacks) you have to reinvest/repurchase a portion of your daily earning, so that the amount of your “Active” adpack does not fall below your targeted balance.

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