Traffic Mansoon – Revenue Sharing Site

Traffic Mansoon is ‘The Most’ trusted site among the revenue sharing arena. Although it pays around 2% per day returns, but it’s very stable and once you reached 50 adpacks of $50 each, you will be in a position to purchase 1 adpack daily, were in it become very easy to compound the earnings and you can grow your adpacks really fast.

Traffic Mansoon Revenue Sharing Site

As this site gives slow returns my target for this site is to built around 400 active adpacks through compounding my earnings i.e around $20,000 worth of adpacks and at this level i will be able to withdraw $1000 per month from it without loosing the active adpack level.

Traffic Mansoon Revenue Sharing Site

My strategy for Traffic Mansoon will be to compound my earnings for the whole month and withdraw around $1000 – $1200 by the last 3-4 days of the month. Doing this will help me grow the adpacks and at the same time i can withdraw my target sum for the month.

Traffic Mansoon Revenue Sharing Site

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