Zukul Ad Network

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Rev-share programs have become very popular and new ones are constantly popping up. But many of them are unstable and useless, some are outright scams designed to take your money and run.

Owner’s identity and intentions were always an issue with the revshare industry, as almost all the revshare owners doesn’t want to come on video to reveal their identity and/or have a fake FaceBook profile. The members just wished and prayed that their participating revshare doesn’t cheat on them.

Another major issue facing the revshare company is the income solely depending upon members recruiting new members; they seldom have any outside revenue source.

BUT all this will be a talk of the past, as now Zukul Ad Network is all set to enter the RevShare arena.

What Makes Zukul Ad Network Different From Others:

  1. TRUST – The owner ‘Jeremy Rush’ is a very well know face with his already established site “Zukul” with more than 29,000 members; providing internet marketing tools such as social media-marketing systems, landing page creator, viral blogging system, autoresponder, video training courses and services to its members since 2014. Owner Profile
  2. STABILITY – As the ‘Zukul Ad Network’ is the brain child from the owners of “Zukul” we can safely say this program is here to stay and by going through the program details it’s built to last. It’s NOT a fly-by-night company. The company’s core team consists of very experienced internet marketers.
  3. GROWTH – The vision of “Zukul” is simple “Wealth For All”. The program is structured in such a way that every members success is 100% guaranteed. Although the company encourages it’s members to promote their own affiliate links, but the company at its core believes in promoting 1 link for all concept, thus helping every members to gain their down line.

Program Highlight:

  • Real Advertising Value – Zukul Ad Network has its own network of 100s of micro sites outside the revshare site itself and will be also collaborating with thousands of webmasters to put on its ad-codes on their sites, which will enable them to grow the sites in their network to thousands.
  • As the number of network sites will be in thousands, ZAN will be in a position to generate revenue from outside source.
  • Adpacks will be available in 10 different levels i.e. $1, $3, $5, $7, $10, $15, $20, $30, $40 & $50. Smaller value adpacks helps compound faster and the real value of revshare lies in compounding.
  • The maturity of adpacks range from 120% for $1 to 150% for $50 adpacks, with maximum of 200 active adpacks in every level except for adpack $50 for which one can hold 2000 active adpacks; providing a wide range and stability.
  • Only ZAN provides for 3 level affiliate commission from the monthly membership fees from its members. No other revshare company shares their membership fees with their members.
  • With ZAN extensive network of publisher websites your advertising can be seen by millions.
  • ZAN shows over 50 million adverts a day across more than 20,000 publisher websites and growing.

Short presentation of ‘What Zukul Ad Network Is’ (04 minute clip taken from the company’s google hangout)

Watch the below video from the owner Mr. Jeremy Rush and Other core team, explaining the Adpacks & Affiliate Commissions. (Remember what i mentioned earlier; NO hiding behind masks)

If you think the above information has helped you in making an informed decision, please consider joining the program from my referral link below.


Please Note: 1. In the registration page under “Type”, from the drop down select ‘Affiliate’.p